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That's true

I was just speaking of this possibly disappointing situation.

Imagine you have a "low" output Boxster S of 211 HP at the rear wheels. You put on a mod that gives you 8 HP. Most of us would be thrilled at that. You go to dyno your car and find that you now get 219. Well, you never baselined your car so you don't know how much you improved. You just know that you now have 219HP. You then might look at Andrew's webpage and see that he started up with baseline of 221 (if I remember correctly). This would lead you to believe that you lost 2HP for your investment. You would know in the back of your mind that it's possible that you started with a less powerful car. But you also know some mods lose power rather than improve it. Now you would probably want to consider spending more money for labor to remove the part and see if you can get back the power you "lost" (above and beyond your parts and installation you have already spent).

Sure, there are a lot of ifs there. I think if I was putting on a mod that someone else put on his identical car and I had access to his before/after dynos, then I'd be okay with not baselining my car. But if I was pioneering at all, I'd want to know. Just my opinion.

And yes, a dyno day might be fun.
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