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Originally Posted by Tomy996 View Post
See my avatar. Taken at the James Dean memorial near Cholame. Great little roadside restaurant there filled with James Dean memorabilia and the food is pretty good too.
The highway has been physically changed (moved) from that fateful day in '55 when Mr. Turnupseed left turned in front of Dean and his mechanic but can still be found.
Sounds like a fun run. I usually stay up the road at Harris Ranch over on 5 anytime I'm in the general area.
Harris Ranch is a nice place with good food if you're a meat eater. I usually am stopping in there in the morning on my way south and get the tri tip and eggs breakfast. It depends on how we do the run, if we want to go the route Dean took then we will end up in Paso Robles at the end of the day or we can ignore the sequence and go down 101 and take 46 to 5 and back. Personally I'd like to end up in PR and follow the route he took. Also PR is not as isolated as Harris Ranch.
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