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Interesting Boxster alarm info

The tequipment section of the pet for ROW has listed a retrofit kit alarm siren and tilt sensor which would give you option 536. Not interested in the siren, but interested in the tilt sensor. This is not available as an option in USA/Canada. Never understood why the Boxster did not have a tilt sensor. Pet says it is for '98 up 986/996, but this may be a mistake as the siren and alarm are shown on my '97 tech book, but there are differences b/w the alarm system for '97 and '98 up.

Next is a retrofit kit for remote control interior monitoring anti-theft device which would give you option 534. Again, this is ROW only. The only year listed is '97. This one is hard to figure out from the parts listed. It has the alarm control unit, the interior motion sensor, the pull rod for unlocking the rear trunk, the red led on the dash, but the key head listed is not the one with 2 buttons. So, there is some type of retrofit kit for an alarm system for the Boxster.

Time to see Peter. I also need to see that rare car without the 535 option. Carlos, what are you doing next week?

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