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The previous ones have been run better.

This was only my 3rd, so I can't say exactly what is the norm. But in the other 2 that I did, it ran very smoothly. Once your group was up, it was basically a moving line with very little time between each of your runs. This one ran so slow that I'd forget the course between each run.

Thanks for the photo, btw. I spun twice in all. I've never spun before so it was kind of frustrating. My first spin came on my first run as I was suprised by the direction of the track and made a foolish move to recover. My 2nd spin was on my first afternoon run and came as I tried to trailbrake as deep as possible and just moved my foot from brake to gas a teensy bit too late. I as on throttle before losing it but it was still gone.

The Boxsters weren't as competitive in this event as we have been in the previous 2. I still won my class (3 out of 3. yea!), but I finished 40th of 110 in PAX as compared to 8th of 107 at 3Com. We'll have to get them back in Marina.
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