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987 hardtop on the way

The site keeps reminding me that I haven't posted for a while. Since I had nothing Boxster-related more interesting to report than that I love driving my base 987, here is this:

Today, for the second time and at a different dealership, I asked for a best price on a new Porsche hardtop for my Boxster. Watch what you wish for! They quoted me an out-the-door price that was equal to the other dealership's discounted price before tax. I said "Thank you very much. I would like one, please."

So on Tuesday I will have the new hardtop fitted on my Boxster. I already own the rolling cart (putting the cart before the horse, so to speak, I'd bought it just after getting this Boxster, since it was on sale.) I will get the hardtop fitted, test it for a few days, then uninstall it at home until the rain starts ("the rain" is California dialect for "winter", if you didn't know.)

I will report and post photos when the hardtop is installed.


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