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Originally Posted by flintworks View Post
It could also be an alternator. I just replaced one on Friday for a noise that could only be heard at idle. BTW why would you take it to the dealer?????
Should I take it to Flintworks instead? I have looked into independent mechanics before and what I've found was that with the 10% discount I got from the dealer the prices were comparable, with sometimes the dealer being less. For example I called Kahler's and asked for a quote on changing the spark plugs, serpentine belt, and fuel pump (60k service replacement items), with me supplying the parts, and they quoted me a price slightly higher than what the dealer (Michael Stead Porsche) wanted.

BTW, I can hear the sound at idle and driving around town. The sound "gets faster" the faster I go. It sounds like it may be the water pump? Does the sound mean the water pump is broken or about to break? Temperature reading has been normal.
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