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Okay, just 31 days after buying my car, I got my track wheels to fit.

Wuhoo. I just got back from TC Design and I'm very very happy. My car was sitting at 25" on all 4 corners and even with 7mm spacers, my track wheels wouldn't fit. I was concerned that with 14's (the next size up) they'd rub on the outside.

The first thing Tony did was raise the rear of my car to 25.5". This is very close to the stock rake of the car. From the factory, the car comes with about 3/8" of rake so it's pretty close. This works out to ~3/4" drop on all four corners.

Now, my track wheels fit even with 7's. Anybody want to buy some 14mm spacers? Used approximately 30 minutes and going cheap.

He got my car corner weighted and aligned perfectly. Now I just have to go out and drive it. Thanks, Tony. You da man.

Will this break-in period ever end?!!!
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