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I'll be at Robyn's on the 8th.

Perhaps someone there will get some snapshots of it.

My primary goals are as follows:
1) Figure out how to get my trackwheels home from Tony's.
2) Take my newly acquired knowledge of fitment and spacer compatibility and order up some street wheels that I like. I'm not a big fan of the Sport Classics that came with the car.
3) Once the new street wheels come in, likely 2 to 4 months down the road, install them and go out for a nice tour of some scenic roads.
4) Stop along the way to get good pics and post them on the board.
5) Finish updating my website which, btw, will be a lot of work. :/

By then, my Profil 13's will be my street wheels, I'll have new FM5's for the track, and everybody will have already lost interest in seeing the pics. But, they will be spectacular so it'll be your loss. hehe
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