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Andy (Portland, OR)
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Need track tire help...

I've got an extra set of 17" S rims. I want to mount street legal track tires on them for DE lapping.

The problem is with size availability. I want to run 225s front, 255s rear. The two tires I'm primarily interested in -- Toyo RA1 and Yoko AO32 -- are not available in 225s. (The AO48 is available in a 225, but not a 255!) The 235s are too wide for the 7" front rim.

Lorne @ Vancouver (PPBB handle) states he has the Yokos in 225/17 purchased in B.C., but they are not listed on Yoko's website or Tire Rack's -- what's with this.? Don't I lose credit card protections if the purchase is outside the US?

So, now I'm thinking of either Michelin Pilot Sport Cups or Kuhmo VictoRacers, both of which are available in in the sizes I'm looking for. The Michelins cost quite a bit more, roughly $70-80 per tire, depending on size, shaving, etc., but according to Tire Rack reviews last quite a bit longer although perhaps not quite as sticky. Will the added longevity make up for the additional cost?

Any performance, sizing, longevity opinions/recommendations/suggestions? (No autocross, just lapping in dry weather.)

Thanks, Andy
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