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Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for it.

I've read quite a bit but it's strange that all the people posting that they've put a switch in the dash and just wired it into the cluster don't show any schematic, drawing or photo reference. I'm sure it's out there. I even have an extra pair of windows switches with generic covers that will fit directly into the stock left dash.

I really do enjoy the sweet shifting 6 speed and the extra displacement of the 3.2 H6, but my 2.5 was very well optioned and had litronic headlights. That's another search I'm on. I'm never selling the car, if I blow it up, I'll either buy a 2nd hand 3.6 conversion or an LS conversion. I drive an Avalanche SUV with a 36mm turbo L33 5.3 and the way that engine moves the 6000lb. truck around quite nicely, it's almost inconceivable for me to imagine driving a boxster that'll make 600rwhp. Almost.

Best wishes.

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