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Originally Posted by cas951 View Post
I'll be in town for the first time in the last 5 years for New Years. I'll join in.
Originally Posted by james View Post
It sure is early for new years day I need moral support to do this!! Anyone else from the peninsula going via 92? Maybe a carvan...
Originally Posted by vitaminC View Post
The drive and caravan both sound good
Sounds all good...we can have a caravan if you want, maybe meet at a Starbucks...for some coffee close to San Mateo Bridge. Any ideas of a Starbucks or other coffee house that's right off Hwy 92? I think there is a Starbucks right there at the foot of the bridge area. We would have to meet very early for about 15-20 minutes....before heading over the bridge to Livermore, to be there by 8 am.

NOTE: Please email or confirm with Steve Searles on the Pelican he can add you on the roll call list.
Pelican Forum >>> or by email Steve Searles personally
at [email protected]

Also, if your on Facebook...there is an event page for more details...>>>
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