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Glen Baker
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Do my own brakes?

Just discovered this site, very cool.

I've got a '97 Boxster (allegedly the first to come into california, but that's another story). I just hit 30K and Ray at S-Car-Go pointed out that my brakes are, well, shot. The rotors are pretty badly lipped and the pads are almost to the wear sensors.

Since I'm not a total idiot with a wrench (close, but not total), I'm considering doing the brakes myself to save a buck or two.

Questions: anything I should know before I dive in?

I've found some fairly cheap OEM parts from Vertex Auto ( Their price on rotors is about half of what I find elsewhere. Any words of wisdom on rotor/pad selection?

The car is used as a daily driver (just to make me smile every morning), I'm not looking for frozen rotors or other exotics...just want the brakes to work when I step on 'em!


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