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Re: the link...

see the link for detailed pad instructions.

and here are rotor tips i copied from a post from "Douglas ?".

Remove the two caliper bolts and the screw which holds the brake line coupling between the flexible hose and the metal tubing. Suspend the caliper (a coat hanger works well) so that it is not hanging by the brake hose. Remove the two Phillips head screws from the rotor. Remove the rotor from the hub (make sure the parking brake is released if a rear wheel). If the rotor is stuck on the hub, use a screw (forgot which size) in one of the other small holes in the rotor to force the rotor off of the hub. Clean the hub well. Coat the hub (the surfaces that will contact the rotor) with a very thin layer of Optimoly grease. Install the new rotor. Reinstall the caliper using new caliper bolts - torque to 63 ft-lbs.

trygve's pad change
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