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I changed my pads this weekend using Trygve's instructions

It was pretty straightforward, but I did note a couple of things which might help even more. First, I had not melted the wear sensors so I was planning to re-use them, but I found that it was virtually impossible to re-install them in the new pads, even after cleaning the sensors. When I finally checked the new pads against the old ones it turned out that the holes for the sensor in the new pads was slightly smaller. An earlier application with a carbide-tipped drill bit would have saved a me lot of grunting and swearing.

Second, I recommend attaching the drain hose to the bleed nipple on the caliper BEFORE you open it (you can guess what happens when you don't...)

Finally, Trygve mentioned that there is an extra pin on the replacement pads which didn't line up with the notch on his calipers, so he just twisted it off. My replacement pads also had the extra pin (extra relative to the OEM pads), but it does fit perfectly into the notch in my caliper. Go figure.

BTW, I installed a set of Mintex pads, which I have heard give better performance than the stock pads (mine were Bremo's) but don't squeak as much as the Pagids. You can get them from Automotion (don't believe the website, which says they don't have them for Boxsters).
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