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Finally got what I wanted from the stereo!

We'll after searching for more treble from my CDR220 w/ "Hi-Fi" & rear speaker kit,I FINALLY GOT IT!

I stupidly ordered a set of coaxials for the doors not even thinking of how they are woofers.....Thankfully when I ordered the speakers I had them make a special note that I can return the speakers if I don't like the way they sound installed. Well I sent them back and they would only issue me credit....I said fine.

Well I dont know what made me do this but I ordered a set of MB Quart Reference Tweeters,THESE WERE WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR THE WHOLE TIME! I just wanted a boost in the treble area and this was it and then some. I love hearing crisp cymbals crashing,and this did the job I even lowered the treble setting from +7 with the factory tweeters to +5 on the MB Quarts. I can't emphasize how much clearer the stereo is over all with these.

I simply held the MB Quart tweeter in place with hot glue running along the outside,and yes dont worry I turned it upside down for 5 minutes to ensure that it would be strong enough.

Now I'm not saying that it made the stereo audiophile worthy,but it defianetely went from a 6.75(w/ rear speaker kit) to a 7.658(w/rear speaker kit and MB Quart tweeters). Defiantely worth the $80.
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