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Exclamation New owner of 911, clutch problem

Hey everyone,

I am a new owner of 2001 911 with manual gearbox. And I do not like the way my clutch pedal behaves. When I bought it (used) I did not really pay attention to that, or the pedal was then fine... But now it's kinda spongy, and is positioned lower than it should. And it's too 'soft' to hit, also. First it just slightly irritated me, but a couple of days ago I had hard time changing gears (from 2-> 3 if that all matters). Plus, it made that strange sound....

My guess is that something went wrong with that clutch pedal, or maybe not enough fluid there... What else would you recommend to pay attention to? Because I want to look into it by myself first, and then will prolly get it to the station...
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