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Originally Posted by offshore View Post
Then why change from OEM recommended size?
Simple: When Porsche designed the Boxster it was targeted for the mass market, not for driving enthusiasts which were familiar with how to deal with oversteer.
Therefore the OEM tire/suspension/alignment combo was dialed into understeer (which is deemed safer than oversteer). This might be a safe thing for a commuter car. But as soon as you go to the track or do A/X you are probably more interested in a more neutral handling. Before you start playing with alignment the easiest method to dial out some of that understeer is to put on wider tires in the front.

Definition of understeer vs. oversteer by (my hero) Walter Roehrl:
Understeer means that you see the tree that you are about to hit
Oversteer means that you only hear (and feel) the impact
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