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Okay — here are a few photos. I don't like them, but they're all we're getting for now. In preparation for the winter, for about four hours today I cleaned, polished, de-greased, and waxed my Boxster's paint, and dressed its exterior rubber and black plastic bits. And I am beat!

Click on these for large versions:

When the tech first fitted the hardtop, he found the passenger side locking pin was defective. They said this was the second defective one they had seen in a new 987 hardtop. Waiting for a replacement ordered under parts warranty, I drove with the hardtop installed with only one locking pin. There was some creaking underway, as they said there would be.

When the replacement locking pin arrived, they installed it and re-installed the hardtop. This time, after the repair, the tech walked me through putting the hardtop on the Boxster and taking it off. Folks, you yourself must practice doing this with someone experienced at least once.

After my few days running the hardtop, I had reported a perceived increase in wind roar at the top edge of the driver side window. The tech made adjustments to address this, but explained to me that the fitment process involves compromising between the ideal lateral position of the windows (which techs can change) for the soft top and for the hardtop. He opined that it is better to favor the position for the soft top.

This was a tech I had worked with before. He is a fitment and gremlin specialist, and this dealership assigns him to esoteric problems; creaking, whistling, weirdness with electrics, and so on. I must say, he has gotten the good results in my P-cars. He did with my Boxster this time: the driver side window wind roar is gone.

My early impressions of the 987 hardtop are:

It's a good piece. It is quiet, warm, light and (I must believe) slippery. But when the road is rutted, as so much of our fine infrastructure is, the hardtop makes thunking sounds. Oh, well. At least it kind of makes the car feel more raw and old school.

I like it!



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