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slack in the regulator cable

I just got finished putting the driver side door back together again. The instructions on the Trygve Isaacson's web site were great.

The motor and regulator seem to both be working fine, but when the window is all the way up, there is extra slack in the regulator cable on the bottom side. When the motor engages to drop the window a bit to clear the channel, the extra slack being taken up causes window to not drop enough to clear the channel.

I noticed that there is a spring tensioning device on the bottom side of the regulator. In my case, when the window is all the way up the spring is fully expanded and there is still too much slack in the cable. As a hack, I added a small hose clamp a the bottom of the tensioning sping to take up some of the extra slack (see the attached photo). I don't know how long this will work, but for now it seems to have fixed the problem.

I did not remove the motor or regulator but could not see any adjustment that I could make to eliminate this regulator cable slack. If anyone knows of a way to adjust this, please let me know.

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