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Thumbs up 1st track day in the books...

Yesterday I took the plunge and drove my first (of many) track days at Gingerman Speedway here in Michigan. I ran 3 20 min runs (had to sit out one because of major break fade). So my question is I NEED NEW BREAK FLIUD. Besides going to the dealer and getting fluid there, what is a good quality fluid for a daily driver and track days every month or two?

By the way, driving on the track really is the most fun on 4 wheels I never thought I would see my car tires look and feel as sticky as they became after the third run! My gearbox became smoother then I had ever felt it as well - like butter. I kept my revs between 4000-6500 and the engine ran smooth and pulled hard the whole time. The Boxster S, what a car!!
Most fun on 4 wheels. 03 S Midnight Blue Metallic.

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