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Smile Thanks Akif

For your thoughts.

I am sure you know I made a recent announcement here on Babblers for some people to join/help the event committee. We have two peoiple that have joined the forces to help when they can i.e., Bigb and The Voxster. Bigb coordinated a car care/tech session last week-end that was very informative and lots of fun. Larry & Sandy have made a great contribution in having the WCBF 2007. Which was a huge but satisfying task to undertake. I can't thank them enough. Tom Morris, our administrator who guided us every step of the way regarding events is moving from the Bay Area. Thank-you Tom! The Voxster (aka Brian) will be helping when he can on various things that are being discussed at this time.

I just would like to see more people be available through the year to grow this great community of Boxster owners. Yes, there are quite a few people that do help. I would like see more ways to continue to improve the community for all of you out there. We have a lot of talented people on this forum who could contribute something.

So getting to what I meant..... I hope I can continue to put on local drives, get-togethers and posting on the calendar here. I have some interest in the PCA Loma Preita Region that wants my help too. I think more Babblers (members) need to come forward and do some simple events, suggest ideas, have car care/tech sessions, picnics, beach parties and local drives, even if it is a one day get together. It can be just a spontaneous drive, lunch venue, dinner venue and posting the announcement 2-3 days before the week-end. I am willing to help and I am sure others would be too. If people hear or read about things to do in the Bay Area or outside of the B.A.(other than Babblers events) they could post the event on the Babblers calendar. I myself like all the choices to choose from on a weekly/monthly basis. Just my thoughts.

I am considering doing a Spring week-end event here on Babblers. Still thinking about all the details and when to have it. (I know where it will be) Stay tuned.
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