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EuroSunday e-News Announcement 3/4/2008

EuroSunday’s main event for March has been changed to Saturday3/22/08.This change is because the original date of 3/23/08 is Easter Sunday (Larry Stiver's useless knowledge- Easter falls on the first Sunday following the first full moon that occurs on or after the day of the vernal equinox; the vernal equinox is fixed as March 21. There are some highly technical rules for determining the actual date of the full moon, but when you take all this into account the result is that Easter can never occur before March 22 or later than April 25 and will not be celebrated this early in the year for another 20 years)

All the usual EuroSunday event activities will be taking place (including the Breakfast Club) and at the usual times, but all will happen on 3/22/08 at the Pavilions in Sacramento instead. Hopefully the weather will be as perfect as it has been the last few days and we will have a great spring showing.

EuroSunday Flyer. - This is a revised schedule to include our "Saturday" meet this month.

Other news and updates;

EuroSunday Plus on Sunday March 9th at the Pavilions - This month's featured marquee is Citroen and Vespa. The Citroen group has been busy pulling its club members from Washington to Southern California, A&S is rounding up the local Royal Bastards Scooter Club, and a few folks are working on the Burgundy Topz vintage Vespa group to have to attend this month's Plus event. Not only do I tip my hat to everyone's effort, but must also acknowledge that this marquee will be one of my favorites for the year. FYI - Plus has quickly grown to exceed the numbers of our usual EuroSunday events. Please be aware of this and arrive early! The featured marquee will be corralled up front and all else will be pushed back in the parking lot.

Euro 500 Rally - We've heard that the reason for so many late registrations has been because of the time it takes to complete the application, and/or not sure of the weather for April. This is where some of you are saying "YEAH! finally...they get me" and others are snorting saying "Come On!" Here is how we'll take care of both of these issues;1.We'll have EuroSunday volunteers on hand to take pics of your car, take your info (drivers license, insurance info), take your deposit check of $145 made payable to Euro 500 Rally, LLC and help you complete the application...all in under 7 minutes!2.For April's weather we'll guarantee that there will be some. We will even put it in writing and sign it "There will be weather during this rally - guaranteed" This is the EuroSunday crowd - "Driven to Drive"!! Tim Taylor and Adam Cook are busy monitoring the rally's main route and in remote chance of snow, they have alternate routes mapped out already. They will be testing all routes in the next few weeks. This rally is to enjoy the drive and the company. EuroSunday Plus and EuroSunday (on Saturday) will be the only two times you can sign up for this event! Registration closes for this event on Easter Sunday.

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