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Question Accessing engine from top - Removing top tension cable

First of all, I want to thanks everyone on this forum again for helping me out with the last several questions that I had with my Boxster (2001, base). So far, all the inputs have helped me tremendously. I am still new to all of these, and reading the past posting have given me a lot of insights.

I am hearing some squeaking sound in the interior cabin when driving, and it seems to be coming somewhere behind the seats. While I drive, my wife tried to "touch" the seats, wind-deflector parts, rear shelf, center console, convertible top, dash, etc. all around the interior and cannot locate what is causing it. The squeaks happen at all speed. When the top is down, the sound seems to disappear, but it may be because it's less quiet with the top down to notice it.

I am suspecting that maybe the engine cover is loose or something like that and would like to investigate to rule out this hypothesis (also, I am curious to see the engine for the first time). I tried to follow the manual’s instructions on how to open up the engine cover from the clam shell. I am stuck at the part where I am supposed to pull out the convertible top tension ropes on both sides of the car (see attached pix). The instruction tells me to pull the rope ball head to the side of the car. I tried to do that with some force and nothing budges. I am tempted to use a plumber pliers or something similar to force the balls out, but I am sure this is not a good idea.

It seems that many members had experiences with access the engine from the top, and based on this, the procedure shouldn’t be that difficult as what I am experiencing! What am I missing?
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