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doug_d (Cameron Park, CA)
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Re: Very nice! Some angles I haven't considered before...

thanks paul.

the "photo credential" is what you want and here's the official word "You need to be on assignment from a recognized media outlet to obtain credentials. I would need a letter of assignment from your editor sent to me at {xyz} Raceway." that generally means WORK i was sponsored by my PCA region and i'm expected to share my pics with PCA (newsletters and web) and write an article for our newsletter. my request wouldn't fly where porsche wasn't featured (cart, nascar, ...)

the above requirement is for the big races. a more readily available opportunity is to take pics when a private org has rented the track. for a DE for example, you really just need permission from the event chair, and most are happy to have you there taking pics. it's best to introduce yourself and make your request in advance so you don't get to the track and get surprised.

have fun
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