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Just Smogged Mine 2 Weeks Ago...

Originally Posted by hloo10
I'm looking for a shop in the South Bay or within 20 miles which knows how to smog check a Boxster. I'm a bit leary of taking her to the corner gas station. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

This was the Smog Check II (needless to say). Many smog places told me to go to the dealership. I found a place called Reliable Auto Repair at 463 Blossom Hill near 87/Oakridge Mall. I helped them remove the engine cover (it's in the manual) to get to the engine. Pretty down-to-earth guys. Nothing fancy and not the usual dealer snobs. Cost was $80 with cert which was actually better than some places that charged $90 and wouldn't touch a Porsche. Will go there in the future.
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