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Magic Mtn Dan
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Why I think the V1 is the best...

Location: San Joaquin Valley, driving northbound on I5 from Los Angeles to San Francisco Bay Area, south of Buttonwillow

Conditions: bright sun, mid-afternoon, hot

Situation: driving one of our other cars (Nissan Maxima), speed: 100+MPH

Radar detector: V1 mounted on windshield

We're cruising northbound and the V1 is dead silent. Suddenly the V1 bleats out a single Ka warning - the directional arrows show that the source is in front of us (ahead) but it's only one light on the intensity LED's. I have time to slow and I do rapidly (it's Ka band - not usually a false alarm), down to 80MPH. The signal intensity grows and, as we continue on, the signal intensity is pegged and then there's another bogey ("2" shows on the bogey counter).

The intensity remains pegged as we finally (after about a mile-and-a-half) see an un-marked, white CHP cruiser, and as the CHiPpie passes (the directional arrow lights up to the rear while the front arrow stays on), the V1 shows yet a third bogey count while the band is still Ka!

We see the second CHP car, a black-and-white, and as it passes the indicators don't change. Still showing three bogeys, all Ka band and the intensity indicator is still pegged to the max.

We finally see the source of the third bogey on the V1. It's yet another black-and-white CHP car, the third traveling in the same direction; three CHP cruisers, all within about a mile-and-a-half of each other!

Bottom line: we had ample warning of the radar - well in advance of it posing any real threat to us. We were warned about three separate bogeys - all running Ka band. The V1 paid for itself in that one episode (not important since it's paid for itself many times over).

I've read numerous complaints about the V1 offering "too much information." I have never had this complaint. Sure it picks up X band (which can be turned off) but if X band was picked up while it was registering the three CHP units, the bogey counter would have show "4" or "5" or whatever and the type of signal would have shown "X" band in addition to the "Ka" band.

Personally I'd rather have "too much information" rather than not enough. After having the V1 for a short while I found it to be very easy to understand and I appreciate having the information it offers.

There are other choices and I'm sure they would have done a good job. But the V1 with:

1. Type of signal (X, K, Ka, and Laser) with visual and audio warnings for each
2. Signal strength ("intensity")
3. Bogey counter
4. Directional arrows (front, sides, rear)

is the radar/laser detector I choose because it works so very well.

Just my two cents...
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