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I started this morning so excited; as I found a Boxter web site which I joined. Life is good! I then ordered Porsche key fobs from Ebay. The sun was shining; no rain in sight, and my wife and I took our beautiful Basalt Black
2002 Boxster S (with 28,600 K on it) into town for an ice cream. Along the expressway, driving at 60 miles per hour in sixth gear, we suddenly heard a pop and a hiss sound. My first thought was how well this car handles with a flat tire!! I held in the clutch; didn't brake and coasted to the shoulder of the road. I got out of the car to check the tires, and found them all fine. I wondered why the motor had stalled; I checked my oil, temperature and fuel which were all fine. I tried to restart the motor, but no luck??!! It then dawned on me that the pop and hiss must have come from the motor!! I couldn't hear the motor crank, because of the traffic zooming by, so I had my wife crank the engine while I went to the exhaust to listen to it. The sound I heard was terrible; like ball bearings in a tin can!! The Porsche warranty expired in March. What do I do now?? Please tell me it's a fuse!! Does anyone know how much a motor would be?? How does Porsche treat customers, with really low milleage, but no warranty left?


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sorry man, it sounds like your intermediate shaft broke or the bearings in it are out
is there a pool of oil under your car?
search on this site, renntech.org, or ppbb.com archives for intermediate shaft or IMS
i had a basalt black 2002S that had the same problem
have it flatbedded to a dealer- if you are the original owner, and have had it serviced regularly at the dealer, PCNA MAY good will some of the parts or labor, but don't count on it
if you are the second or third owner, or didn't keep up on the maintenance, you may be SOL
it will be cheaper to go to an independent porsche mechanic for an engine replacement (perhaps even upgrade to a 3.6l)


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