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Unhappy What Have I Done?!?...

I have a dead battery in my 2000 Boxster and must get to work. I try to start it off my battery charger (no luck). I coast it down my driveway and jumpstart it (runs great). I'm leaving work and try to get a jumper cable start from a friend (no luck). I even try connecting the jumper cables to the battery cables directly (without the dead battery in the circuit) (no luck). I go get a new battery and "The Problem" begins -- The engine light stays on even after I reset it by disconnecting the battery. And whats worse, every time I start the car it idles rough as hell. It sputters, coughs, and gags. The only way to avoid this conditions is to start it and immediately bring it to 2000+ rpm and hold it there till it warms up. Then it runs fine. It continues this horrible behavior every cold startup. I out of warranty and regretfully low on money. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Someone had suggested that the throttle petal needed to be put through a calibration procedure? I also read about the mass flow sensor being critically important?
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Try over on renntech.org They usually have some pretty savy guys that can help you with your problem.. sounds to me like the computer needs to be reset? But no expert on that.
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Talking This was the fix -- Important to know!!!

Workshop Manual says when reconnecting battery

Posted By: Bob Lake<Email: Bob Lake>
Date: Monday, 29 November 2004, at 6:22:28 p.m.

In Response To: What have I done?!?... (Scott Driskell)

Scott: Workshop manual states-DME control module: After disconnection of power
supply, the idle speed might change or fluctuate briefly until the idle speed
positioner (M5.2) or the throttle adjusting unit (Me 7.2) is readapted. The
mixture adaptation is also lost. Remedy: After the battery is connected: With
the DME ME 7.2 it is necessary to carry out a learning and adaptation routine as
described below:

- Switch the ignition on for 1 minute without starting the engine. Do not
actuate accelerator pedal.
- Switch off ignition for at least 10 seconds.
This completes the adaptation of the throttle adjusting unit.

With all DME systems, the engine must run several minutes before the engine
control module can learn the idle speed and mixture adaptation values.
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