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Porsche Offers Supreme Long-Term Quality

Stuttgart. The sports cars built by Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, offer truly outstanding long-term quality now confirmed once again by the latest Autobild TÜV Report in Germany. Providing a detailed list of the most frequent defects on some eight million cars examined and tested in 2008 by TÜV approval authorities in the general motoring tests prescribed by law, this list is truly complete and meaningful.

According to the Autobild TÜV Report both the Porsche 911 and the Porsche Boxster model series show the smallest number of defects in all age categories between four and eleven years of ownership, ranking first and second in both cases - only in a different order. A particularly impressive point is that while in general the average defect rate increases dramatically from one year to the next to a double-digit percentage, it consistently remains at a stable and low level on all Porsche sports cars.

Through this truly impressive result, Porsche once again proves its leading role in terms of long-term quality. Last year the sports cars from Zuffenhausen already showed their immunity to defects, the 911 ranking No 1 in two age categories in last year's TÜV Report and finishing second in two further categories. The Boxster, in turn, finished first, third, and fourth.

These results are the consequence of Porsche's product and development philosophy, with the focus on evolution instead of revolution. Carefully planned and accurately secured development processes ensure significant progress in technology while avoiding all risks at the expense of the customer. Hence, Porsche's sports cars offer not only superior driving pleasure, but also reliability and lasting value over a very long running life. Indeed, particularly the Porsche 911 enjoys great demand among connoisseurs and car lovers throughout all model generations. And last but not least, the statistics of the German Technical Inspection Authority also confirm the high level of service quality offered by Porsche workshops.
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This sounds like the biggest pile of horsecrap. Is TUV retarded? There are defects and there are defects. A defective condenser valve or ignition switch is something utterly different than a defect that causes catastrophic motor failure.

Somebody--perhaps a LOT of somebodys--needs to contact the TUV's governing body to open their eyes to the unacceptably high catastrophic failure rate of M96-engined sports cars through D-chunk cylinder failures, IMS failures, and other defects.

Counting either of those failures as a single "defect" is like calling Hurricane Katrina "problematic".

Having not seen the actual report but only the steamy pile of marketing doo doo about it from Porsche in this article, I couldn't say for sure, but based on this snippet, it seems to me that this report is neither "truly complete" nor "meaningful"... unless you count the definition of "meaningful" as "at last exposing just how blithely the TUV is drinking Porsche's kool-aid".

This "report" isn't worth the paper it's printed on, seems to me.
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