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Magic Mtn Dan
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Anyone interested in Jim Russell Racing School?

Doc Wong sent me an e-mail asking me about doing a BABBLER's Russell School event? He wondered if we could fill it up with 12 Babblers?

Here's the info:

BABBLERs at the Jim Russell Racing School!

When: Tuesday April 3, 2001
Time: 8am to 4:30pm
Where: Sears Point Raceway
Cost: $675
Discount: Assuming we do fill up all 12 spots, we get a 10% discount!
How to sign up: Call the Russell School and register by calling: 1 (800) 733-0345 and ask for Todd Telford.

This class has a limit of 12 students, so decide now and call. It will fill up quickly!

This is a hi-performance driving school using your car and their specialized skid car. The morning session is spent in the paddock area with our cars, then the afternoon is spent on the track. It's a very full day of learning advanced driving skills designed to make you a safer and much more competent driver.

The day starts at 8am with a Ground School session that will outline the various drills you will doing during the day. Topics such as line selection, weight distribution, use of controls, heel and toe downshifting, etc will be covered. Then the fun begins:

First is the "Handling Course". This is done in the paddock area and cones are marked off to create a course you'll drive in. It's similar to an autocross setup. Here you will learn and drill: braking technqiue, weight transfer management, where to look, line selection, apexing corners, where and when to get on the power.

Second is the "Skid Car drill." Here you will be using the schools specialized skid car. It's set up so that they can make the car understeer, oversteer or steer neutrally. You'll learn how to control and master these situations. I can't wait for this!

Third is the "Accident Avoidance Drill". These are a set of drills on a course where you learn that sometimes it's not the best to hit the brakes and the car will do better by steering instead of braking. The idea here is that a car corners better than it stops. Common mistakes in accident situations is panic braking. When this occurs traction is used in stopping and not a lot is left for steering. Doing this drill will enable you to use what's best for the situation. We'll be doing double lane changes, steering drills, braking drills, weight transfer drills and drills on how to focus further down the road.

And that's all before lunch. A great lunch is provided at the Viansa Winery.

The afternoon is spent on the track! There will be one instructor for two students. So either you'll be driving with an instructor and following another student with an instructor. We'll practice "Heel and Toe" shifting, then we put on helmets provided by the school and the rest of the day is spent getting instruction in the car. The instructor will then work with you on all the techniques you've learned so far. It's just now at a higher speed.

Drive well!
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Wow. This is interesting. Any schedule of this event? thanks for this information.

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