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Old June 11th, 2007, 08:52 PM   #1
Dapper Dan
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Looking to Buy a Boxster Need advice

Hello guys, I'm a new member.... I have been dreaming about getting a boxster for a year. Ready to pull the trigger. Want to get a 2000-2001 S

Have been reading reviews etc... have become a bit nervous about maintenance and upkeep. Was almost thinking about buying a new Miata because It comes with a warranty.

Can someone experienced with Boxsters tell me if I should buy a Extended warranty, or would it be a waste of money? In your experience do these cover the things that mainly go wrong with older models?

Any insight about which model I should get? Want tiptronic


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Old June 12th, 2007, 09:45 AM   #2
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Do It!!!!!

I have a 2001 Boxster S and I LOVE it!! This is my first Porsche and its a GREAT car. I have had it a for a year and have not put 1 penny into maintenance, although oil change is coming up. I would recommend a Certified Pre-Owned car for the peace of mind that it brings. Porsche has had trouble with Rear Main Seal failures and this can be expensive repair. A CPO costs $2.5k to $3k more than non-CPO but to me its worth it. Check MIke Focke's website http://mike.focke.googlepages.com/mi...oxsterwebpages for lots of infor about buying a Porsche. Good Luck and enjoy!
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Old June 12th, 2007, 10:40 AM   #3
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I agree, a CPO is the best way to go for piece of mind. Most maintenance items can be done yourself if your the least bit mechanically inclined, and there is a TON of information and help available on this forum and others like it.

As far as RMS leaks, if you can't see any evidense of it below where the car sits (or has sat), or by looking underneath, then it probably either doesn't have an issue, or it isn't worth worrying about. Lots of people live with minor RMS leaks for tons of miles before fixing it, if they ever do.

Make sure the battery is in good shape, especially if you plan on the car being driven only occasionally. The safety systems on the car can drain the battery when the car sits for more than a few days at a time, which is why you also should buy a battery maintainer (not a trickle charger) that automaticly turns itself on and off as needed. Use it whenever the car is going to sit for more than a day or two.

Ask about service records and look them over. These cars must be properly maintained if you want them to live long lives.

Make sure all the key remotes work correctly and consistantly from about 15 feet away.

If the car has around 50k miles on it or more, take a ride and pay attention for vibrations at startup and/or at specific RPMs (often in the 2100-2500 range), or for difficult, imprecise shifting and rough clutching. These can be indications of a weak or broken engine mount. The rubber portion of Boxster front engine mount yoke are known to disintegrate over time and usage. This is inexpensive and fairly easy to fix, just something to be aware of.

Just a couple of things to check out. As long as these cars are properly cared for and driven, they can be a LOT of fun to drive for a long, long time.
Take care of it according to the prescribed maintenance schedule - don't skimp on it, warm the car up properly and fully before driving it hard, and stay off the rev limiter (don't know if the 00-01's had that or not) and you'll never be sorry you bought one.
Andy M
'03 986 Midnight Blue Metallic / Lapis Blue top
'90 MB 300E Black/Grey
'90 300ZX Aztec Red/Black
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Old June 12th, 2007, 11:22 AM   #4
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Check paperwork and previous owner

I have a Boxster S '01 with Tiptronic and I love it. Before I bought it, I looked at the dealer sellining it, I looked at Carfaxed, figured out where the car has been and how many miles it had. That will give you indication if it was a DD or just a summer car.

I was lucky and mine was a summer car and was garaged all the time. Only had 20K miles when I bought it and it was from NY and I bought it from FLA.

Anyway, I didnt buy it with CPO, but I did the 30K checkup right when I got it, plus I changed all the tires since they were the original ones (needed changing)

Anyway, It is a very fun car to drive and you will enjoy it.
2001 Boxster S
Portland, OR
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Old June 12th, 2007, 02:39 PM   #5
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After owning "normal" cars, it will seem like every few months, you need new tyres! Ouch!

Racked up 11K miles since December..... Yeah the Box is awesome.... and I think DD's [daily
drivers] are better than GQ's [garage queens] - as they had to get the owner to work every
day :-)

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Old June 13th, 2007, 05:12 AM   #6
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Originally Posted by bapcha
After owning "normal" cars, it will seem like every few months, you need new tyres! Ouch!

That's the price of performance........
Andy M
'03 986 Midnight Blue Metallic / Lapis Blue top
'90 MB 300E Black/Grey
'90 300ZX Aztec Red/Black
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Old June 13th, 2007, 10:31 AM   #7
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I have a 2000 986s just turned 40k on it and I'm still in love with my car! This car holds the record for the longest car owned for me (over 3 years). In the last 5 years I have owned 4 mercedes (95 e420,02 c320, 01 ml320,04 e500) 1 bmw, 1 nissan, 2 toyota, 2 acuras, 2 hondas, 1 lexus and 1 vw. Yes, I do tend to be fickle with my cars, I enjoy driving them and modding them (not too extreme) some of the cars I owned were not daily drivers as with the boxster. I have put about 20k mile on mine (purchased used with little warranty left) and did not buy the extended warranty. So far here are the repairs that has been done not including my mods:
rear bearings (one side was bad but went ahead and replaced both)
new battery
Voltage regulator (normally they want you to replace the whole alternator, but I found a fix on renntech to just change the voltage regulator)
new tires (went ahead and upgraded the rims too)
and the required scheduled maitenance
It has not been the cheapest car to own, but it deffinately makes up for it in the fun factor, and yes I would buy another, but will mostlikely keep this one. I think the boxsters will become one of those classic car icons like Karman Ghia convertible, 914, 2002i, 911 etc. Its not for everyone, but those that own it, own it because they enjoy it, not for some status symbol or fad. One advice is make sure it fits your needs (2 seater conv. is not a very practical only car) limited use, but awesome 2nd car!
2000 986s
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Old June 13th, 2007, 07:27 PM   #8
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Smile 2001 S

I just got my Boxster S Tip 2 months ago. I used to have Porsche a long time ago and originally I was looking for a late 80's 911. I quickly found out how hard is to finance older car (even Porsche) so I changed to Boxster S.
I have not regretted a single moment. We now have 2200mls behind us with 2 minor fixes (under $30 total). I ended up changing wheels 17" to 18", but I new that I will do it when I bought the car. Total cost after selling old ones and byuing new (aftermarket) wheels & tires was under $200.
I was looking for a month and a half before making this deal and I found this from the local dealer. 68.000mls 2001 S for $20.500. I did not get it certified, but I ended up getting a extended one for 2 years (which I might return).

That has been my experience so far. Enjoy!
01 Speed Yellow Boxster S
- Tip
- C4S Cluster with new style OBC
- 18" with 7mm rear spacers
- Litronics
- Fully de-ambered
- LED taillights
- Aluminium Pedals
- Integrated Garage Door Opener
- 986 emblem
- Yellow brake calipers with Brembo stickers
- Yellow center console
- Aerokit II wing & trunklid (Waiting paint)
- Eibach Pro Springs
In Memoriam: Black 935 Street
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Old June 17th, 2007, 08:37 AM   #9
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Thumbs up Miata to Boxster S, Amazing Difference

I traded up from a Miata to my 2001 Boxster S about a month ago. Wow. While shopping for mine (for many months ... my advice is to take your time and be very picky), I had kept looking at the Road & Track comparison data, trying to even imagine the uptick in performance from the Miata to the Boxster S. The Miata handles crisply enough on the twisty-turnys here in Northern California. But the difference is like this: one day you flat out wake up with superpowers... Superpowers. In the end, there is no comparison between the two cars IMHO.
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