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River Rat
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Cartagena Blues


Despite having some difficulty building pallets due the the lack of a quality forklift we managed to get all three loaded on the C-130 that landed one hour late. Hell, we were just glad to see it showed up on the right day to get us back to the States. Sadly, it was an old bird flown by the Puerto Rico Air Guard. We would fly to Cartagena to clear customs and then on to San Juan for a crew change and then on to Norfork/Little Creek. This was to take place on Friday getting us to Virginia on Saturday at 0230. Well, once all passangers were loaded on the plane the engine start up began. Bummer. One engine wouldn't fire up. Some freaking relay switch prevented the thing from kicking in. Something like that. Anyway, the aircrew mechanic fiddled around with it a bit. After banging on the relay with a mallett it still wouldn't start. They broke out the manuals and determined a way to start the engine. With a little help from the Dyna Corp mechanics they made a jumper and the damn thing started. It was an unauthorized repair but the aircrew did not want to stay where we were. And neither did we, for that matter. This got us to Cartagena 5 hours late and the crew unwilling do defy SOP's any longer so no journey to San Juan. The story was that a mechanic with the part and a fresh aircrew would be here in the morning to fix and then fly the plane direct to Norfolk. This morning, Saturday, we checked out of our hotel and went to the airport. We were there about an hour or so when we find out the C-130 in Puerto Rico that was bringing the mechanic and aircrew broke down and never left San Juan. So, we piled back in the van and checked back into the hotel. We are told the plane will be fixed, fly here to Cartagena, fix our plane, swap aircrews and fly to Norfolk. Or maybe San Juan. Lot of variables. Who the hell knows. All I can tell you is there are 10 very unhappy sailors wondering if we are going to get the hell out of Colombia. Was hoping to be home late Sunday evening but no cigar. Soon,though, soon.
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LOL well, you don't want to fly on an unsafe plane. i flew a lot when i was in the service and we crashed (minor) several, and any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. i know you are anxious to get home, but just get there safe. bon voyage
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DAMN!!! Now I have to go down to the store and get some more ice for the beer. Would you tell those mechanics to get their solid waste material together so we can crack the beer out.
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