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Old April 26th, 2001, 10:41 AM   #1
Brian (Evansville, IN)
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Help - weird things happen on start up

I have experienced some weird intermittent characteristics upon start up of MY 2000, 5-spd Boxster (18,673 miles). Bear with me on the description.

First when the car is cold (hasn’t been running in 5+ hours) there usually/always is some chugginess to the acceleration (never above 3500 rpm before reaching operating temps.) which quickly disappears. I assume this normal. The weirdness is this, once a month maybe, when starting the car in my garage and backing it out, I will hear a “thunk” “knock” or “clunk” sound. It usually only does it one or two times. At first I thought it was the suspension going over a raised part of concrete in the drive, but I have now confirmed that is not the case. It seems that it is usually accompanied with a fluctuating rpm (like the idle speed is not as fast as it usually is). It sometimes is accompanied by a big blue cloud of smoke on start up. I know that a little blue smoke upon start up is somewhat normal for Porsche. However, usually does not smoke at all on start up and when it does it very noticeable. It also seems to be accompanied by a weird non-normal more foul smelling exhaust. The weird thing is I can reproduce the occurrences. Sometimes it will do it the next day after driving or sometimes it will do it after the car has sat for 5 days.

A side note: the blue smoke will happen without the “clunk” sound on occasion with no rhyme or reason either (sometimes driven 2 hours sometimes driven 2 days ago). Normal? Oh last point, oil consumption is negligible

Any suggestions or reassurances would be greatly appreciated. If there is a problem I figure it covered under the warranty, but I am hesitant to take it to the dealer right now because I have no confidence in there ability to find anything wrong (or to do an oil change for the matter) and I don’t want to take to my independent Porsche guy because I know he will charge an arm, leg, and my first born child. Thanks in advance.
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