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Boxster S Track Fun!

Well here's a little REALITY check for those who are against the Boxster S.

I just got back from a two-day DE at Heartland Park Topeka and have 300+ photos to show for it (uploading them to my website now)

My run group consisted of 2 Boxster S's, 2 911's, 2 944 Turbos (both red), 1 300ZX, 1 base C5, 1 Z06, 1 modified C4, and a modified M Coupe oh and a WRX with 300HP.

The two fastest times were my own in a Boxster S, and the M Coupe. I have the highest degree of respect for the M Coupe driver, he was very good, but was chipped, running track tires and a modified suspension. He certainly had me on the horsepower and that was evident in the straights, in the turns I held my own. The modified C4 lapped me once on the second day but during a run where I was experimenting with shift points and let him by on the long drag strip straight, I was holding him off in the turns. The Z06 never passed me once, in fact only the M Coupe, C4 and WRX passed me the entire weekend. I was about even with the WRX (turbo and modified, and adjustable coil overs and race tires, no interior or spare) on the second day but passing him on the first. My second day was not as good as my first due to twisted ankle, fatigue, heat and a number of other factors like trying new shift points that worked against me.

Suffice it to say, when I was "on" there was no car faster than me in the whole run group, and even when I was "off" there still weren't many faster. Some of this I attribute to my skill, but being humble, a great deal of it I attribute to the car.

To be clear, I have a Boxster S with Headers, EVO Intake, and ECU reprogram on ROW 030 suspension on Bridgestone S03 Street tires. If I had a set of Hoosiers I might not have been passed at all. The car took everything I threw at it, including a dive into turn one coming off 124 mph in the long straight (best run of the day for me). Brakes NEVER faded despite the heat, car NEVER lost control despite some attempts by me to do so and I am left with a weekend of GREAT FUN, and over 300 pictures!

Anyone who puts down a Boxster S, just doesn't know what they are capable of doing. I'm more than happy to show them, or they can take the word of Bob Miller, the president of PCA who at dinner last night said "Oh you were the yellow Boxster I saw out there, you were more than holding your own." (This was after Bob asked me how I felt I did and I had said that I thought I held my own).

Feel free to visit my website, hopefully the pictures will convey some of the fun we had out there this weekend. That's what it is all about, having FUN and the Boxster S is one heck of a fun car!!!

Heartland Park Pictures are in the Pictorials Section

Track pictures in Pictorials Section
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