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Arrow Well sorted DE/Autocross 993 TIP FS Chicago

It's been suggested that someone here might be interested so I figured it couldn't hurt to try.

I've decided I'd see if anyone here would want my car no AS-IS with all the goodies installed before I go through the painful process of part it out back to stock in fall and retire it from DEs and autocrossing. (so please don't ask me for part 'x' right now as this is basicly a FS as is if anyone was serious)

Many of you may know me and know my story (unemployeed over a year now has taken it's toll on my savings/finances/standard of living, etc.) I still don't really want to do this because I'm the original owner but reality is I just don't have the luxury of continuing along this path of forced early retirement.

I've already decided that even if my baby does sell, I'll be back with a 95 993 coupe 6-speed OR 964 RS America at some point in the future when my finances are back to normal -- or maybe even a TT if I get a really great new job (or at least at a point were I can afford Porsche #2).

Anyway, here are the details:

38K miles (well, actually, 38,7xxx) and I already mentioned that I'm the original and only owner.

I started out the 1st 2 years (and 12k miles just driving it on road trips and having it a daily driver for spring/summer/fall) and then I started going to Autocross events the 3rd year of ownership. I was doing more autocross than I could keep count of when I went for my 1st DE when it was 3 years old and at that time I was still pretty intimidated by the Track so it took 3 more years before I did more than one DE a year and mostly autocrosses BUT within the last 4 years, I became a total track junkie and 2 years ago we gave up going to autocrosses completely (basicly after getting 1st place with the car at autocross at my local region, we stopped going to autocross events and focused more on DEs) So the last 3 years have probably seen the most mods and most DE events.

All the paint is still original on the car (so no accidents) and although the front already had some normal rock chips, it did get a clear bra a couple years ago to help protect it from more damage.

The car has a few dings and chips here and there (including one door ding I never got fixed) so I would say it is more of a car to be enjoyed and driven than to show at a concourse.

I admit I've had a few OTEs BUT I'm proud to say that non of them resulted in any body damage and non of them were even bad enough to result in a required alignment re-do (It has been checked after any OTE with no changes to alignment numbers) and no bent wheels from those OTEs either FWIW.

Factory options include:

- Stainless Steel Door Sills
- Tiptronic S with/ABD
- Motor Sound Package

..and yes I still have the factory window sticker (just not in front of me right now)

So now for the list of upgrades (which is HUGE):

- Clear bra (3m)
- Custom ROOCK/H&R suspension
- Top front Strut bar
- TRG front and rear sway bars
- Custom Rod ends for rear sway bar links
- Front ERP Mono-balls (to allow more negative camber, stiffer suspension)
- 3 spoke 996 Steering wheel + airbag thicker than stock recovered in Alcantara
- TechArt intake and foglight combo with air hose venting to back of brakes
- Brakes are Big Reds which were just rebuilt completely over this past winter
- Stainless Steel Brake Lines and Super Blue of course
- Wheels are OEM Carrera 5 spoke lightweight 18x8/18x10s
- Tires are brand new rear DSSRs and front have 2 DEs on them
- Custom mounted HALON Fire Extinguisher in passenger compartment
- DAS BAR painted Gaurds red to match my exterior
- Gert Front Protection Bar
- UltraShield RoadRace Aluminum Race seats with 6 point Simpson Camlocks using Brey Krauss mounts for the belts so nothing is drilled into the car itself
(the seats have custom 2-tone Red and Black seat covers)
- The Driver seat has an IOPORT seat back brace mounted to the DAS BAR
- Stereo is a nice Kenwood w/DMask and Sirius SAT Radio (the SAT Radio control box fits perfectly under the passenger seat where the optional AMP usually would be)
- And the other big ticket item is a 1997 ECU that Steve has reprogrammed to get me better performance (and it is indeed noticable)

..and odds are I'm forgetting some tidbit somewhere but that is what I can think of right now.

If I were to sell right now, TODAY as-is.. complete with all I have listed above, I'd want $42k FIRM (not negotiable)

Oh, last fall I had the car totally detailed (clay bar and menzerna products I was told by the detailer)

Oh, the car was never used in any winter weather and never say any salty roads (taken off insurance while in winter storage)

I've never had any issues with SAI (or whatever that carbon build up problem is often talked about here on 993 boards and I get the feeling part of that is due to the fact that all the possible carbon gets blown out at DEs)

The car has not seen any Dealer Service (or even independant dealer) for over 5 years because Eric (my other half -- yes I'm a female owner) has done all the work to it (including all the mods) for the past 5+ years as an FYI because he is a certified ASE master mechanic and I trust him to do it all right.

So that's it. I'm not really expecting anyone to leap at this since the Tip seems so misunderstood and seems to be poo-poo'ed on a lot but I thought I'd give it a try and it was suggested that perhaps 964 owners would be more open to the idea -- Why not? right?

My thought process for the new owner of my car would be someone who either:

a) wanted a car for their signifant other or spouse to drive who doesn't drive a stick (it does happen) so that both can participate at weekend events
b) wanted a car they didn't have to worry about 'missing a shift' and breaking
c) had some sort of injury resulting in too much pain driving a stick or just not physically possible to drive a stick


d) knows what a huge advantage the Tip has in an autocross setting and even some tracks for DE events because the Tip computer can shift faster than a human can shift

....and have I mentioned that my car got FTD and 1st place one year at our local region Autocross season (Milwaukee PCA) and it was there that people realized the Tip advantage at Autocross events...
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