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Old April 21st, 2002, 08:36 PM   #1
Robert (Agoura Hills)
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My MagneticSheet Track Rock Protection system. Free Info

I designed these magnetic sheets for my Boxster and several other porsches and other cars over two years ago and they have saved my car from rocks and sand too many times to count. Ever since I switched to Hoosier race tires the magnetics have become a mandatory thing. What Im willing to to is give people the websites where I got my mags and my racing numbers. All of this can be done online. Best of all its hella cheap for the amount of protection that you get out of it. This would make for a great babbler group hack session.

See how much of my car is protected from rocks? You too can get that much protection for under $180.All you need is the magnetic cutting tool and a grease pen to do the outlines for a template.

:::::::::::This is not an Advertisement. I dont stand to make one dime.::::::::
Would the Babblers be interested in this info?

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Old April 21st, 2002, 09:18 PM   #2
Eric in Dallas
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Re: My MagneticSheet Track Rock Protection system. Free Info

I'd like to know more! Great system!
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Old April 22nd, 2002, 01:19 AM   #3
Tool Pants
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Chuck Moreland in San Jose

who owns elephant racing will be measuring my car to expand his line to include the Boxster and 996.

If you Babblers are interested in a mag bra and have some suggestions as to what you would like to see, pass them along.


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Old April 22nd, 2002, 05:16 AM   #4
Robert (Agoura Hills)
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How to make your own Magnetic sheet track Bras

First of all you want to order all your magnetics in 24" width. Thats as wide as the sheets come. Hood Protection: Measure the length of your hood and add 3ft for the inside of the fenders to the total.
Too protect the side of your car. Simply, measure the length of your car and double that.
Now go to the MSI magnetic sheeting website http://www.beacongraphics.com/magnetic-sheeting.html . They have many colors online but if you dont see what you want. They can make almost any color you need.
You want to ONLY use "30 mil" sheeting as this gives the most protection and will not blow off while driving.
Ask MSI about any sales because they tend to have sales that arent listed on line
MSI Magnetic sheeting
To apply is simple
1) wax your car and take a damp cloth and wide the mag side of the sheeting to clean anny particles away
2) roll on the two parts of Magsheeting.
3) 2 widths 24" sheeting covers the hood perfectly. Make sure that you center the both sheets over the center of the hood. USe the porsche emblem as a centering guide. Due to the curvature of the hood you will have a tiny bit of overlap in the sheeting along the centerline. Mark these places with the grease pen. You will shave these overlaps off with your magnetic roller cutter
4) open the hood with the sheeting still on. Its supposed to hang
5) take the grease pen and outline the form of the hood from underneith.
6) Remove the sheeting from the hood. and use the magnetic roller cutter (MSI sells this. Ask for it) to cut the magnetic sheet according to the lines that you made.
7) cut any overlaps that you see.
now replace the sheeting on the hood.
9) Now get yourself 2" vinyl tape.
10) apply this down the center line to join the two hood pieces. Do this on both sides
11) If you dont plan on using a bra with the mag sheets for a leading edge on your hood you can go to your home Depot and get a clear plastic binder that is used for cheap picture frames. You apply this to the leading edge of your hood
There you go! thats it!
two protect the side of the car. You basically do the same thing.Apply the length of the sheeting along the side of the car. Then take the grease pen and outline all door ,side vent and wheel well openings. Now use the mag roller cutter and cut along you lines.
You will need use tape to seal the mag edges to the side intake vents and wheelwell edges
SO there you have it. Your car is now protected.

Now you wantto to add some killer graphics and numbers. Go to Harris Graphics. Its a family run biz. They are great to work with!
Harris Decals
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Old April 22nd, 2002, 06:27 AM   #5
Magic Mtn Dan
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Looks like a black magnetic car condom...

while I haven't had my car on the track nearly as many times as yours, I don't see why you'd need the coverage on a lot of the areas you've got covered with your MagSht.

Sure, it won't hurt to have it but if you're gonna use it on the track to protect the paint, you might as well use it all the time. I'm convinced that driving your car on the street is far worse in terms of risk to paint/sheet metal than on the track.

I was far behind a gravel truck on the freeway once and I soon saw pea gravel rolling around on my hood. The results of that encounter for my car (and all the others in the area) were a number of pea-sized chips.

Surely you'll see some gravel and rubber and other debris on the track but for most people the street is where they'll have the majority of damage done to their paint and sheet metal.

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Old April 22nd, 2002, 07:58 AM   #6
Rob in Agoura
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lol, your right it does.

Its the S&M Boxster. Its probably overkill. But its better to be safer than sorry. However, since ive been running this set up for two years now. I would suggest that the mag sheets not be used for everyday driving. Because, mag bras dont let your paint breathe and if they are left on for two weeks or more (depending on paint quality) they can cause some minor paint damage in the form of "milking" the paint. Milking means that it can whiten areas of the clear coat. This only happens of any moisture gets inbetween the mag and the paint. This is why I only use it in conjunction with a Colgan Bra for track events. Anyways, at the track you know that your going to get paint damage.So why not protect it. Its only on for a defined time. Max of two days and at night I cover the car to prevent any moisture from seeping in and making it yourself is amazingly cheap. This is only an option. Another option is to use shelf paper. WHile not as thick it does protect against sand abrasion.The S2000 guys showed me that trick.
I think that for everyday protection. A Colgan Bra is still best. But your right. You take your cars paint in your hands everytime you drive o nthe street. It would be nice if someone would make a ballistic strength car paint.
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Old April 22nd, 2002, 04:47 PM   #7
Robert (Agoura Hills)
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Costs and material you need for the hood, sides

For the hood and front fender you need roughly 15ft. Now you can get 24" x 20ft length from MSI for minimum $32 bucks!!!($35 for other colors)! So you have some left over . WHat do you with the extra? You use that to make some rear quarter magnetic rock panels (like the ones that Tweeks sells)Dont forget to buy the Olo rolling scissers for $14.95.Its a must! So for $32 to $35 plus the $14.95 scissers you can get your whole front end protected for a total of $46.92 to $49.95 Now for the sides panels. Youll need a total of 24" x 20ft. Again. Another $32 to 35 bucks.

Hood, scissor, side panels cost :$78.92 to $84.95!!!!!!!!! when I say its cheap. I aint kidding!
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