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Smile From Bad to Good

When you get good service you should tell someone. That is the purpose of this post. However, please let me vent a little POF (Porsche Owner Frustration)!!

This morning I noticed something in my driver’s side rear tire . And of course by now I know you can't fix it! You have to replace it!!! I need a new tire!!!!!!

I just cannot believe it! In less than a year, I have had to replace all four tires and none of them because they wore out! I have replaced 3 because of punctures and one because wear difference on the same axel (old tire was more than 1/3 worn). It’s incredible!!!

So I called every Porsche dealer in the SF Bay Area. Which yielded no tire, but however resulted in lots of recommendations to buy a new set of tires? I really wanted Porsche to replace the tire so if anything went wrong (my rims are perfect) I could hold them accountable. But that was just not going to happen. This of course meant, I was not going to be driving my car until at best Monday? I unwind by driving winding roads. So the thought of no drive this weekend felt quite claustrophobic and really was not an option.

So if I wanted to get the tire replaced today, it was going to require a local continental tire dealer. I was very uneasy about the care that would be applied by a general tire dealer. I mean to them (and also according to my wife) it’s just a car and just a tire! Well to me I love the rims no marks. I know… I hand wash them. So to me it was important. Just like any addict... I threw caution to the wind and went to the continental tires site to get a list of local dealers . I called them all. At the end of the day 1 said they could get the tire today, 1 said Tomorrow and all the others said it was discontinued or could get it next week.

So hear is the Plug!

I called Jimmy at Five Points Tire in Redwood City, CA. I told him exactly what I needed. He didn’t have any in stock but thought he could get one today. He called me back and let me know he could have the tire this afternoon! So now… I am thinking do I want them to install it on my car!! So I requested he call me when it comes in. Around 3:00 pm he calls to tell me he has the tire. I told him I will be there as quickly as I can. I am really excited that my tire is here! However, I am really apprehensive about the installation. You know the guilt of being impulsive and not doing things “the right way”. But I am going anyway.

Well it was very comforting seeing a Bentley in front with new tires! I walked in without saying a word and Jimmy says Mr. Smith you we have your tire and it is ready to be installed. The lobby was full. I was expecting that I was going to be here for a while. He asked for my key. I am not sure of the status of everyone else in the lobby but, my car was immediately taken to a bay. Of course I walked out to watch. They installer knew exactly what he was doing. Hit the jack points, got the lock off and gently removed the tire. He took the same care and time to mount the tire. Being very “respectful” of my rims and finally verified the tire pressure all around. I was extremely relieved and thankful.
As the saying goes… This was my experience and your mileage may vary.

But today Five Points Tire exceeded my expectations
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"While driving my Boxster on twisty roads for hours is absolutely no replacement for spending quality time with my wife and family, it is at least why I keep my Boxster." copyright 2008 James E. Smith IV
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Good to know 5-Points is a quality shop. I have used Nielsen in San Carlos for tire replacement, Chris is great.

Did they remove the nail magnet from the rim while they were in there?

Enjoy the rain free weekend.
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