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Old January 29th, 2002, 05:27 PM   #1
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My Boxster was made 5 years ago this day

There are 2 dates stamped on the engine compartment lid, Jan 10 and 24, 1997. The carpet which covers the lid has a date of 1/30/97 which is the date I assume it left the line in Germany. Wonder if the cars in Finland have the same date stamps. The door sticker just says Jan. '97, so I go by the date on on the carpet.

Was going to replace the oem Moll brand battery when it reached 5 years since it was acting up, but mother nature forced me to do it 8 days ago.

I bought it in '99 and it has never been to the dealer, except for when Peter read my check engine codes a few times and turned off the air bag light. Both lights have been back on for months. As of March 2001 I had 3,554 hits in the rev limiter. I know I have a few more since then. The first time I hit the rev limiter was on the test drive.

I received the ignition switch recall in '99 but have never taken it in. I like the air bag light since I know there is an air bag system. I like the on and off check engine light since I know there is an engine.

I am 1 or 2 bars down from the oil change I did 7k miles ago. Original engine, and I do not see any leaks. My 30k service was $105.69. I would deduct the $31.62 for the spark plugs which did not need to be replaced. Not included is the liter of Pentosin which was over priced at $21.

I drive it every day. Gary in Mountain View has me beat, as he has a Nov. '96.

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Old January 29th, 2002, 08:49 PM   #2
Boxster Spice
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Don't forget about the fuel light.

Drive around with that on so you'll know it has a gas gauge. hehe. Nice post, btw.
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