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1999 Boxster - Door Lock / Alarm System Problem

Hail to All - Has anyone had the same problem I am about to describe and/or have any advise?

In short, the issue as best i can describe is as follows:

The majority of the time I try to automatic lock the doors and turn on the security system it will not always lock and shutdown. And it seems so far to be completely random. However, if I put the key in the ignition it is almost a shore thing it will not lock. I have to disconnect the battery otherwise it will drain it (I am on my fourth battery). One clue I have to offer is the when I turn on the ignition getting ready to start, the horn beeps twice - I think this may be a code. Another clue is that the red interior security led light (the button next to the radio) is on.

Here''s the back log:

In 2004 the car was in the driveway and a huge down pour (rain) flooded the battery compartment. When I woke in the morn and went to drive it, I first noticed that the fuel door solenoid was actuating so fast I thought it was a fan on at first. I believe I disconnected this and it may still be disconnected - I need to check. Now this is the best part... when I start the car up to drive it to work, pretty much every electronically component started going hay-wire. The lights were flashing including the interior lights the windows were going up and down, the horn (alarm) was going off and the hazard lights were flashing.

I obviously turned around and when home. At the time I disconnected the horn was able to pull in the garage and it pretty much has sat. I cannot afford to have the Porsche dealer to look at it, so over the years i have tried to diagnose the problem myself - I am an electrical engineer, however it has proven changing.

I want to think that the reason it went hay-wire was due to a low battery, despite being able to start that morning seemingly fine. Per my Porsche dealer the car will not hibernate unless it is locked and the security system is on. And since it can not lock and shutdown, I believe this is why the battery keeps dying on me.

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I can almost assure you that the Alarm Control Module (under the driver's seat) was damaged with water.
Because it's been 5 years, it's probably shot. Replacement is expensive.
You cannot install a used control unit as they cannot be reprogrammed.
Before you give up though, I would open up the control box and try to clean it with isopropyl alcohol. also check the onboard fuse.
You also need to make sure that the wiring harness and connectors are completely dry as well.
Many, many electric and electronic components are controlled by the alarm control unit, such as windows, horn, door locks, some of the soft top functions, etc.
Good luck.
Happy Boxstering,
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