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Stealth Lap Timer Install Update

Thanks to Geoff Walton for the instructions on removing the A pillar
cover. (See his post below)

The project took about 45 minutes and just 2 torx wrenches and duct tape is useful but not required. I spent considerable time reinstalling the passenger side vent assembly. It's hard to slide it into place without knocking out the clips which are used by the torx screws when you get it into place.

I can't improve upon Geoffs' instructions for removing the interior trim pieces so I'll just add the details specific to the lap timer.

The display goes at the bottom of the console and is held in place by a velcro strip which goes over the Boxster S emblem.

The receiver goes on the underside of the visor and I use lots of velro here. I use a wide strip of velcro on the visor and the receiver back. This is not for support, but just to keep it from sliding around or twisting. Then, I have 3 thin strips of velcro that I wrap around the visor/receiver to hold it on.

The cable (RJ11 provided by Longacre) goes into the outboard bracket of the visor. I will eventually track down a friend with a dremel or some such tool to allow for running the cable out the edge of this bracket without crimping it down. It is still working so that may not be necessary. Allow enough lead in the cable to attach to the receiver and remember that the port is on the inboard side so you need to make to about the middle of the visor. I ran the cable down the inside of the metal tube and then used duct tape to keep it from wiggling around and possibly creating a rattle. I erred on the side of caution. This may not have been necessary. There is a hole at the bottom of the A pillar which allows you to route the cable outside the vent assembly and into the door jam area. There is rubber trim there that is thick and easily allows routing the cable down this piece for the 5 inches or so. Then, the cable goes back inside the car and between the lower dash leather and the foam covering over the foot. I have a PA sub box here so yours may not look like mine. Then, I pulled off the passenger side leather from the side of the console. I routed the cable through this side and down to the gap under the console and put the outside piece back on. Make note of cable length here before reinstalling the leather piece. You won't want much cable to come out because the port is on the bottom of the display.

At the next event, attaching the display just amounts to plugging in the cable and pressing against the velcro. The receiver is similar but also requires wrapping the extra velcro around it to support the weight. The end result is clean and permanent and the 45 min install time is easily made up by saving all the time spent duct taping, etc over the course of a few events.
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