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Replaced AOS what a difference.

A few months ago my Boxster S started to idle rough when you first start the car when cold. Over the next 2-3 months it kept getting worst. Bad enough that when I back up the car out of the garage the whole car shakes and stumbles. AT first I was going to clean or replace the MAF but I held off since we barely drive the car. We drive it once or twice a week at most. I also noticed the gas mileage was bad.

In the last two weeks it started to smoke when you first start and sometimes smokes while driving. It was blue smoke. My wife drove it and happened to her too and she said it was bad. I decided to replace the AOS. Brad Roberts had a nice write up of the procedures in 986 Forums and I followed the instructions except two areas. http://986forum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18090

1. The lower hose that's hard to get to and remove the clamp. I just cut the hose and removed the clamp once you have the AOS out of the way. This was easy.

2. The lower vacuum hose and clamp I didn't try to remove it untill I had the AOS raised which gave me more clearace to squeeze the clamp. That was easy too.

All in all it took me about 2 hrs of labor and the car starts right up smoothly. Hit the gas and it respond instantly. It feels like it's 100% healthy again. Now that I know the procedures it should't take no more than 1 hr.

The only regret is I didn't order the AOS early enough. I ended up buying it from Steven Creek Porsche and cost me $152.00. Sunset emailed me back and it would have cost me $85 plus $12 shipping.

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Cool Efren. Now I know who to ask for help if (when) my AOS heads south.

Not to hijack your thread, but Voxster and I are going on a drive tomorrow (Sunday) at 11am. There are details on ppbb (look for Voxster's 'wheels' thread there). Call me if you are interested. You should have my number.
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