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Spam is not allowed at The Babblers, under any circumstances. Excessive violations to our Spam Policy is subject to immediate suspension. Our definition of spam includes but is not limited to:
  • Posting in a way that demotes the overall maturity of the board, including excessive disregard to proper grammar and misleading titles.
  • Making a post that adds little or no value to the discussion. For example, "No way, you're stupid."
  • Making a post for the sole use of increasing your post count. Also known as "post padding."
  • Making a post in which the first letter of every word in a sentence is capitalized. For example, "Juan Pablo Montoya Is My Favorite Driver in F1."
  • Making a post in which every letter in every word is capitalized.
  • Posting a thread directed toward a specific member. For example, "Mel, Please Read!!"
  • Posting a URL with nothing that describes where the URL takes you to.
  • "Baiting," or posting for the sole purpose of escalating emotions.

Commercial Spam
Members are allowed to advertise their sites in their signatures. Text ads however are not allowed in a user's avatar or signature. All other advertisements can only be made in the Classifieds forum. No adult websites are allowed and only one topic per website is permitted. Members who are reported for spamming are subject to immediate suspension and possibly permanent expulsion from The Babblers. Spamming via Mass PM is also not allowed and is subject to permanent expulsion. The Babblers reserves the right to remove any link or ad at any time with or without your consent.

Personal attacks, insults & attempts to publicly humiliate another member are strictly prohibited. Members may not post any messages that are discriminating, obscene, hateful, threatening otherwise violative of any laws. We demand that all members treat other members with respect. To help prevent any confusion as to what is harrasment and what is not, we kindly ask you to please keep sarcasm to a minimum.

Inappropriate Remarks
Any type of prejudice remarks made on The Babblers are strictly forbidden. Prejudice remarks include, but are not limited to, discrimination, sexism and racism. Such posts are strictly forbidden at The Babblers and are subject to immediate suspension or expulsion. The use of profanity is also not allowed. Posts may be deemed inappropriate at the sole discretion of the Site Staff.

Staff Members are dedicated members that volunteer their time to maintain & improve The Babblers. All members are expected to treat Staff Members with the utmost respect. Purposely disobeying the requests of a Staff Member is subject to immediate suspension. If you would like to make a complaint about a particular Staff Member, please contact an Administrator and your concerns will be dealt with accordingly.

Cloned/Duplicate Threads
Before you start a new thread we ask you to make sure similar threads have already been posted. Staff Members are authorized to refer you to the proper thread and lock all cloned/duplicate threads.

Please keep the use of profanity & inappropriate words to an absolute minimum. Moderators have the authority to edit such words at their sole discretion. Using asteriks(*) to mask the curse word is also not allowed.

Illegal Activities
All posts must be made in accordance with all local, state & federal laws. Advertising, participating or promoting illegal activites is not allowed on The Babblers. Such posts are subject to immediate expulsion and will be reported to the proper authorities.

Freedom of Speech
The cries of "free speech" and so on are often heard. So, let's be blunt: you have no freedom of speech. The "free speech" claim is part of the first amendment. But what you fail to post is the entire sentence, which reads "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech." Now, if you can tell me where in there that it says you can say whatever you want on our site, you can have all the freedom you want - somewhere else. Or, you can send me a large check, let me retire to the Bahamas, and do what you want here. Until then, get over it.


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