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Babblers.org is a resource that promotes mature, intelligent & respectful discussion in a positive & safe environment for everyone. Staff Members have the right to change any part of these Guidelines at any time without notification. By registering, you agree to all terms listed in these Guidelines.

Member Conduct
All members are expected to abide by the following guidelines at all times:

Copyrighted Material
All materials on The Babblers are properties of their respective owners. For more information on the Use of Materials, please refer to the Site Policies.

Pictures in Posts, Avatars & Signatures
Posts with Images are allowed.

Avatars are allowed be sized up to 80 x 80 pixels. The size restriction for pictures in signatures is 640 x 200 pixels. Anything that exceeds these two dimensions, in height or in length, is subject for removal at the sole discretion of the Staff.

Members are NOT allowed to have any advertisements in their avatars.

Animated/Video clips are not allowed in avatars or signatures.

Signature Guidelines
As mentioned previously, signature images are restricted to 640 x 200 pixels.

Signatures are allowed to have one graphic with an additional four lines of regular text OR five lines of small text. Any signatures violating these restrictions are subject for editing or removal at the sole discretion of the Staff.

We do not allow video clips in the form of animated gifs.

We also do NOT allow ANY advertisements in user's signatures. These advertisements include, but are not limited too:
  • Graphics which promote your own site unless expressly permitted
  • Graphics, that when clicked upon redirect you to another site
  • Links that redirect you to another site
  • Links to free items/giveaways (i.e. pyramid schemes)
  • Text ads
If you have any questions on what is allowed in your signature, please ask a moderator or administrator.

Suspension & Expulsion
The Administrators and Moderators have the right to suspend or ban any member for any breach of the guidelines or for any other reason not listed above with or without warning or notice. Re-registering an account, while suspended or banned will constitute a permant ban placed on your account and a banning at the server level.

Reporting Misconduct
If you see a post that violates any of the following guidelines, please report to the post to a Staff Member by clicking on the "Report Link" at the bottom of the offending post. The post will then be reviewed and dealt with accordingly.

The Babblers is a resource that promotes mature, intelligent & respectful discussion in a positive & safe environment for everyone. Any conduct that disrupts our purpose & vision, whether stated in the guidelines or not, can be considered as a violation. If you have any comments or questions, please use the Contact Us feature found on the bottom of every page.


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