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Bocky May 11th, 2002 05:39 PM

OT:Just got our "honey" 996 back, sorry for the long post
Our great journey, started in April 2000 when I was looking for a replacement for my son’s (Rocky) 1984 Euro 928S since it was in the shop more than on the city streets and I heard the rumors about the 2002 996 having the new turbo style lights and other enhancements.
Rocky has worked very hard in college and was graduating from Cal, so I said why not.
I placed a deposit in April 2000 at our local Porsche dealer, the seal grey 2002 996 C2 coupe arrived on September 2002, you should have seen the smile on my son’s face.
Then he started talking about mods, I was so afraid he was going to ruin a perfectly great car ( I said only exterior appearance, absolutely no mechanical), so again I got involved with his “honey’s” project. I started searching the web for a 996 forum and wanted to thank the following people for their assistance in our project.
Thanks to:
Ken Edwards of Rector Porsche, Burlingame, CA (the salesperson)
Ben Kea for introducing us to the 996 forum
Don Watson for his knowledge, information and support
Claudia Ellenreider of Ruf in Germany
Denniel of Sunset Imports for the Porsche parts (she is great)
Stuart Davidson of Weissach Ruf Performance
Victor and Lawrence of ASP Auto Sport Performance
Ken Tu of Eastern auto body shop Oakland, CA
And the numerous 996 forum members for the part numbers and information
Finally, To our son: You are the greatest son any parents can hope for. Enjoy, have fun, drive safely and congratulations on graduating. Love, Dad and Mom
We have posted the before and after photos, your comments are welcome.
Thanks again for a great forum
Steven (Rocky’s Dad)
’02 Carrera C2 coupe
Technic package
18” Carrera wheels
Continental 225/40 ZR 18 and 285/30 ZR 18
Sport exhaust tips
(that’s all of the options, we had to stop it was getting expensive)
Clear side markers
Porsche red calipers
Porsche 996 TT front bumper
Porsche aero side skirts
Ruf RGT rear spoiler


Bocky May 11th, 2002 05:41 PM

OT: Front view before modification *NM*

Bocky May 11th, 2002 05:42 PM

Side view before modification *NM*

Bocky May 11th, 2002 05:43 PM

Rear view before modification *NM*

Bocky May 11th, 2002 05:45 PM

Front view after modification *NM*

Bocky May 11th, 2002 05:46 PM

Side view after modification *NM*

Bocky May 11th, 2002 05:47 PM

Another side view after modification *NM*

Bocky May 11th, 2002 05:48 PM

Rear view after modification *NM*

Bocky May 11th, 2002 05:50 PM

Another rear view after modification *NM*

Magic Mtn Dan May 12th, 2002 12:35 AM

If you're looking for another son I'd like to volunteer...
the car looks great - nicely done.

I'm envious and that said, I have to wonder about parents who buy their college graduate a $100,000 car. Did you buy him a house too? What's he going to do for his next car?

I hope he drives it safely.

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