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Double Yellow Dave May 17th, 2001 03:54 PM

ROW suspension v.s. H&R Springs....
..I have a 2001 S with stock S suspension (non 030). I like the ride and opted not to get the 030 which is too firm for me. I would like to have my car lowered. It sits a bit high with U.S. springs IMO. How does the ROW (non 030) stock system on an S compare to installing H&R Springs (not H&R coil overs). I understand there are 3 types of H&R springs you can buy depending on ride height/firmness. From the people I've talked to so far, looks like my best options, considering that I like the ride of my stock S would be to install ROW springs or to install H&R springs. What would you recommend? Essentially I just want to lower the car but maintain existing ride quality. My friend Mark in Oregon installed Eibach/kinesis springs on his car, which I drove during the drive back from TBHL. I loved the ride which was nearly identical to the ride of my stock S. However the car sits too low for me. In fact I did damage to Mark's S when endeavoring to straddle a rock in the middle of the road; it lodged under the car and tore up some plastic airfoil panels under the car. I'm leaning toward installing stock ROW springs and wonder how much that will lower the car. I have not done any DE classes yet but would like to do so in the future. But for now I use the car as a daily driver though I have two other cars. Comments/any pictures of either option (ROW v.s. H&R springs) most appreciated and welcomed.

Magic Mtn Dan May 17th, 2001 06:10 PM

RoW Suspension components are...
Hi Dave,

As you know Boxster owners can add the M030 Sport Suspension to their Porsches if they didn't get it from the factory.

It's possible to get the RoW (Rest of World) M030 suspension kit (or individual components). And if you already have the M030 Sport Suspension then you can get the RoW Springs which will lower your Boxster to the height of Porsche Boxster sold outside of North America.

The RoW M030 springs will lower the car 20mm in the front and 10mm in the rear.

All these parts listed listed below are 986 RoW M030 parts.

Part# Description
986.343.041.16 Shock front -99
986.343.041.30 Shock front 00-
986.343.531.11 504 Springs set front
996.343.701.04 Stabilizer-99 front
996.343.792.12 Stabilizer mounting -99 front
996.343.792.17 Stabilizer mounting 00- front S
986.333.701.11 Stabilizer rear
986.333.701.13 Stabilizer rear 00- 986S
996.333.792.19 Stabilizer mounting 19,8mm -98
996.333.792.25 Stabilizer mounting 19,8mm 99
996.333.792.28 Stabilizer mount 19,2mm 00 968S
986.333.051.18 Shock rear -99
986.333.051.30 Shock rear 00-
986.333.531.11 504 Springs set 5 speed
986.333.531.12 504 Springs set tiptronic
986.333.531.30 504 Springs set 6 speed+986S
986.333.531.31 504 Springs set tiptronic+986S

About the M030 Sport Suspension Package -
The M030 has different parts from the standard suspension:
* Special shocks for the front
* Special shocks for the rear
* Special springs for the front
* Special springs for the rear
* Bigger stabilizer bar for the front
* Bushes (mountings) for the bigger front bar
* Bigger stabilizer bar for the rear
* Bushes (mountings) for the bigger rear bar

If the US built 986 has the M030 sport suspension as an option:
* The car already has the M030 shocks and bigger bars and it has the US M030 springs.
* To lower the car you just need to change the springs to RoW M030 springs.
* The springs you need depend of the type of 986.
* The front's are the same for all 986 : part# 986.343.531.11 504 (Springs set front)
* The rears depend on the type of 986.
If the car in question is a 5 speed, then you need part# 986.333.531.11 504 (Springs set 5 speed)

If you want more information e-mail me - we offer all these at a discount.

I have H&R Sport Springs on my 2000 Boxster S and they've lowered the car about 1.3" which would be a lot for you based on your comments. It sounds like the Porsche M030 Springs would be best for you.


Chris from Germany (CFG) May 18th, 2001 03:30 PM

Dan the US and
ROW shocks, springs and swaybars are different !

Chris (CFG)

Kevin C. (Saratoga) May 18th, 2001 11:00 PM

Are the US and ROW sway bars different diameters?
Which is thicker? If the diameter is the same, are they functionally different?

I think I'll get a pair of calipers to measure mine. (US 030) So, who can measure the ROW sway bars? Or is this stuff already known?

Chris from Germany (CFG) May 19th, 2001 04:33 PM

Re: Are the US and ROW sway bars different diameters?
All cars have different stabilizers ! S, Non S as well as 2.5.

What care are we talking about ?

Chris (CFG)

Kevin C. (Saratoga) May 20th, 2001 06:17 PM

Re: Are the US and ROW sway bars different diameters?
Hi Chris, I am talking about a Boxster S - US M030 vs. ROW M030. You have said that springs, shocks, and sway bars are all different between the US and ROW versions. (I *think* that's what you said.) I don't doubt that at all. However, I am wondering whether the differences are actually significant. If the US and ROW sway bars are the same diameter I would probably argue that the difference is *not* significant.

This is just another case where us poor Porsche enthusiasts are starved for data. I would like to know the actual sway bar diameters so I can evaluate them.

Magic Mtn Dan May 21st, 2001 06:32 PM

Difference between RoW & US Suspension components
The Boxster S 030 swaybars are the same in Europe as they are in the US. The only difference in Europe vs US is the Springs and the Shocks on the Boxster S 030 stuff.

e-mail me if you need any more information...

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