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Chatter Box July 29th, 2002 10:56 AM

OBC Hack parts.
Okay, the parts required include a VW wire and a switch from Porsche. I gave Jeff my VW wire in exchange for some premade wires and I used my switch.

The other parts, however, I have and I will give them to anyone who needs them. The parts come in bulk so I would have had tons of leftovers anyway. As it is, I didn't use any of them thanks to Jeff who premade me some wires.

We got our messages crossed and I left the board before seeing that he was planning on bring me some. I posted that I "would have everything" but anyway, we had a bit of overkill.

I should have just left them with Jeff but wasn't thinking. I will bring them to the next hack party and contribute them to the Babbler Parts Pile.

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