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Lightbulb Goodyear rolls out the F1 Eagle

Goodyear rolls out the F1 Eagle
Larry Edsall / Special to The News

If you're a car enthusiast, you may want to have a large carbon footprint.

No, we're not talking here about a fuel-guzzling contribution to global warming. We're talking about a tire that uses carbon fibers impregnated into the sidewalls to make sure you maintain proper contact with the road.
Goodyear's highest-performance tires -- whether used by NASCAR stock car racers, Top Fuel drag racers or those who drive cars like the Porsche Boxster or Audi TT and the like -- carry the Eagle label on their sidewall.
Beginning in July, Goodyear will offer its newest Eagle, the Eagle F1 All Season, with carbon fibers to reinforce both sidewalls to enhance acceleration, cornering and braking performance.
Goodyear may be late to the all-season ultra high-performance party, but it also may have leapfrogged competitors. In testing by Goodyear engineers, the Eagle F1 All Season was at least comparable and in most cases outperformed competitors in wet and dry handling, braking, and even stopping on icy surfaces.
Goodyear transferred its carbon fiber technology from the racetrack to the road a year ago when it introduced an Eagle touring tire with what it calls ResponseEdge technology, using carbon fibers to reinforce the outside sidewall to enhance cornering prowess. Now, Goodyear applies this technology to both sidewalls of the Eagle F1 All Season.
The Eagle F1 All Season will be available in 22 sizes beginning in July. They will be priced between $112 and slightly more than $300 per tire.
For more information, visit
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