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A Little Review

I put these tires on my MB CLK320, I might try the summer only versions on the P-Car but I am very partial to the PS2 on the Boxster. If I got all seasons on the Boxster these tires would get serious consideration.

The last set of tires I ran on the Benz were Continental Extreme Contacts a nice tire for the price, the new F1 tires are a nice step up in performance.

Wet performance (it rained in Norcal last weekend ) is excellent, from a road feel point of view and under normal driving conditions you really could not tell it was raining.

Dry pavement, turn in is much faster than the Conti’s so responsiveness of the car to small amounts of steering input is much better, the car feels more stable in the corners with what seems to be quite high traction limits for an all season tire. I have not pushed them flat out on the corners but I have made them squeal, they loose traction slowly with plenty of warning. The car tends to under steer and with wider rears gentle throttle release keeps the car nice and stable in a fast wide radius turn.

Road noise is low.

Overall I am very happy with these tires.

I am running AMG 17 inch 203 Wheels (thin spoke), with a staggered set up 225/45-17 in front and 245/40-17.
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