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"Foosball" Brian Harrington (SJ,CA)
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BABBLERs Events Committee - Clarifications - Please Read!

There have been a few questions about how the committee will operate and what it means to individual members. Hopefully, this post will answer most of those.

Firstly, there are no qualifications, per se. You can be a waiter, an enthusiast, a Boxster owner, a Porsche owner, a non-owning Boxster admirer. The only real qualification is that you are an active enthusiast, and that you commit to the 6-month term, once monthly meetings, 1 event chaired, and helping on other events. If you cannot make this committment, please do not sign up.

Having an Events Committee does not mean you as a non-committee-member cannot plan, organize, and execute a drive or event. What the Events Committee will do is establish a process for you to do this and help you in every way put on a great event. It will also be in charge of the "sanctioned events" schedule-- much farther in advance than we currently maintain-- and can help make sure your event is timed and scheduled appropriately so you don't conflict with another event.

Joining the Events Committee means you will be regularly called upon and most importantly counted on to get stuff done to make events for everyone even better.

This might include scouting drives, calling on sponsors, making reservations, working an event (rather than participating in it), etc.

As an Event Chairperson, you will be completely in charge of your event. You can bring whatever creativity, flair, originality, or perfectionism you want. Hopefully, this will result in events with an interesting variety of flavors.

Thanks for listening ">

We could use a couple more people to make the commitment, but please do so carefully. The worst thing that could happen would be for a whole bunch of excited, well-meaning people to sign up and then find out the commitment was too much.

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