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Alignment suggestion for Auto crossing

Any suggestions would be appreciated that is well suited for autocrossing on a 2000 986s with 18" rims, lowered with eibach springs. From last season, I would like to lessen the push, or understeer. I would like the front to plow less if that makes sense.
2000 986s
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The well known shops previously mentioned can be a great help and they do it alot... Kraus, Custom, and some mentioned in Hayward? It depends on how agressive you want to be and compromise the tire wear for street driving.

My set up is as follows - but it's AX specific, I don't do alot of street driving, so it doesn't matter that I may get a little extra wear and have a firmer ride:

Suspension: (1) PSS9s - lowered about 1 3/8" (2) Heavier adjustable bars front (GT3) and rear-Tarett (3) Camber plates in front (4) adjustable rear toe arms, (5) shocks set a few clicks from soft in front, a few clicks from firm in rear. The bars settings make it ~50% stiffer than stock - so I don't have very much "roll" and can actually get away with less camber than a car with stock bars and softer sidewall street tires.

Alignment: Front camber -2.3, toe "0", rear camber -2.5, toe (in)1/16" total.

Tires and wheels: CCW 8 & 9.5 x 18" with 245/35 and 285/30s V710s.

Handling characteristics: The front end hooks up nicely - but you'd expect that with super sticky tires and adequate camber - experience also helps in this department - being sure you get slowed down enough to not induce too much push yourself. The rear is probably TOO planted with the sticky 285s, but I've gotten used to them and can occassionally get the rear rotating with more of a 'pitch and catch' style when needed.

For your situation and I assume being 'relatively' new and also assume you'll be on some good street tires (DOT 140ish) is to load the front with more low profile rubber (proportional to rim width charts), load up on front camber and work on technique (the previously mentioned slow down for slow stuff - it's hard to make yourself do it, but you must). Many, many people complain about the push and a whole lot of it gets mitigated with experience. The master (Hank Watts) used to say, "you can't make up alot of time in the slow stuff, but you can sure lose a lot".

When I was running street tires, I bought a set of 8x17" Fikse fronts and put 245s up there and had the stock 255 rears. I could only get about -.8 camber in front when stock - but it made a big difference with the extra rubber (and exceptional tires - Yoko Advan Neovas $$).

I'd be happy to discuss more if you'd like at AX#1 at Alameda on 3/15.


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Where you from?

Hello mate, where you from? If you're from Saskatoon, then there's only one place to go that knows the hassle of your problem. Check this one https://skautocenter.com/, though I am not really sure what your pocket is willing to go deep. Good luck mate!
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thanks for this awesome information! -Daisy
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